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 Pigeons can be found perching and nesting in the gutters, air conditioners, chimney pots and external ledges of your building. Atom Exterminators can greatly limit pigeon roosting using special metalic bird spikes that we affix to all possible resting places on your building.

Pigeon Spikes

The spikes deter the pigeons and other large birds from landing anywhere they are placed, and instead they move to a more comfortable resting place. This is the only proven way to stop pigeons from nesting on and defacing your property. The spikes don't harm the birds.

The pigeon spikes are virtually invisible from the ground, so they won't ruin the decor of your building. We attach them to buildings using a premium epoxy that holds them in place permanently.

installing spikes

We also offer bird netting as an alternative. These nets enclose the area and deter birds from landing. They are weather proof and can be installed inside and out. In the photos below we're installing them in a warehouse.

installing nets

nets in factory  

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