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The feral pigeon (Columba livia domestica) lives in the urban environment, and because of their year-round food supply of human refuse (such as discarded fast food wrappers), feral pigeons will breed continuously, laying eggs up to six times a year.

Favourite nesting areas for pigeons are within damaged property. Mass nesting is common, with dozens of birds sharing a building. Loose tiles and broken windows give pigeons access; they are remarkably good at spotting when new access points become available, for example after strong winds cause property damage, pigeons will flock to establish a new nesting site.

Nests and droppings will quickly make a mess of any area they inhabit. Pigeons are particularly fond of roofs, which accommodate water tanks, though they frequently seem to fall into the tanks and drown. Any water tank on a roof needs to have a secure lid for this reason. The popularity of a nesting area seems little affected if pigeons die or are killed there; corpses are seen among live birds, who seem unconcerned.

On undamaged property, the gutters, air conditioners, chimney pots and external ledges will be used as nesting sites. Atom Exterminators can limit pigeon roosting using special metalic bird spikes that we glue to ledges and resting places on buildings. Please contact us for more information.
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