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The Cyprus scorpion (Mesobuthus cyprius Gantenbein) is yellow to yellow-brown in color, and may reach 60-75 mm in length. Though it is rare, scorpions have been known to enter houses on the island, and their sting hurts as much as a bee sting.

There have been instances where these scorpions have crawled into shoes and under bedsheets, stinging the unlucky people that then inadvertently disturbed them.

The Cyprus Scorpion can commonly be found in gardens, where it hides under stones during daytime.

The Anatomy of the Scorpion:

1 = Cephalothorax or Prosoma;
2 = Abdomen or Mesosoma;
3 = Tail or Metasoma;
4 = Claws or Pedipalps
5 = Legs;
6 = Mouth parts or Chelicerae;
7 = pincers or Chelae;
8 = Moveable claw or Tarsus;
9 = Fixed claw or Manus;
10 = Sting or Telson;
11 = Anus.

scorpion anatomy