We Have A Wide Variety of Eco-Friendly Options

These services don’t use any chemicals and have amazing results

As environmental and health regulations become more and more strict, Atom has welcomed the advances in eco-friendly pest control services that don’t use any chemicals.

Green Pest Control Services


Electric Fly Traps

offers a wide assortment of safe, eco-friendly
electric fly traps to homes and businesses.

We design and manufacture our own models, which you can see at our dedicated product site:


Our traps use UV light to attract flying insects, and specialised replaceable glue boards to trap them.

Each of our traps is specially designed to suit a specific environment. We manufacture and import different models for home use and for the food industry.

Please contact us for advice on which trap is most suited for your specific task and environment.

We also offer regular glue board and UV bulb replacement services to businesses all over the country and repair broken units in our workshop.

ATOMLiGHT Electric Fly Traps being assembled by our technicians in our factory in Larnaca



We present the new, chemical-free method of pest control, Cryonite. Crynonite turns CO2 into a unique dry ice that is completely safe to use in any situation.

Cryonite kills insects by freezing. The freezing process is extremely fast and reaches a very low temperature. The speed is essential for effectiveness.

The cooling medium is completely dry. It consists of carbon dioxide snow (“dry ice”), which the Cryonite unit sprays from the specially designed and patented nozzle.

Through an optimal combination of snow particle size and speed, the cooling is swift enough to make sure that bugs, including eggs and larvae, will not survive.

The Cryonite snow penetrates well into deep cracks and crevices, complicated machines, and reaches up pipes.

Evacuation of a treated area is not necessary.
In food industry pest control can be carried out despite production going on at adjacent production lines. It can also be used on surfaces in direct contact with food as it’s entirely non-toxic. It’s especially useful around electric conduits and wiring as it’s not liquid-based.
Using Cryonite in homes enables tenants to return immediately after treatment. In hotels the room can be let immediately afterwards.

Cryonite is the pest control tool of the future. As regulations exclude chemical after chemical, we use non-chemical methods like Cryonite more and more.

Cryonite application on electric panels


Presenting the chemical-free insect extermination Heat Treatment Method – THERMOKIL.

Thermokil Heat Treatment System for Wood, Furniture, Pallets, Lumber, Shipping Boxes by Hire Kill, a member of Atom Group. We’re pioneers in the sector of non-chemical insect extermination with the introduction of the Heat Treatment system.

The Heat Treatment method includes the use of specialized mobile equipment that produces hot air (up to 56 0C ) and removes humidity so that all insects and their eggs/larvae die.

The method can be used in various buildings, such as food storerooms (e.g. rice, pasta, pulses etc), flour mills, silos, bakeries, breweries, food production factories etc…

Another important area of application is houses and other buildings that have wood-infesting insects such as the woodworm species (which can do serious damage). Insect extermination can also be done with this method on wooden beams (and any other wood used in construction), pallets, furniture etc.

Hire Kill, a member of Atom Group, is the only private company in Cyprus that possesses a license from the Ministry of Agriculture for providing Wood Thermal Treatment services as per ISPM15 international standard. (license no.CY-0002 DB HT)

The temperature is regulated by special sensors which are placed in various locations inside the wood (or area) to be treated. The sensors are connected to a computer for regulating the procedure and adjusting to the right temperature. With the finalization of the treatment, all insects die without the use of any chemicals. Besides protecting/exterminating wood against wood-infesting insects, the method is also ideal for food areas with a German cockroach infestation or other damaging insects.

Pallets about to be heat-treated in our Thermokil Chambers in Larnaca

Pigeon Spikes

Pigeons can be found perching and nesting in the gutters, air conditioners, chimney pots and external ledges of your building. Atom Exterminators can greatly limit pigeon roosting using special metalic bird spikes that we affix to all possible resting places on your building.

The spikes deter the pigeons and other large birds from landing anywhere they are placed, and instead they move to a more comfortable resting place. This is the only proven way to stop pigeons from nesting on and defacing your property. The spikes don’t harm the birds.

The pigeon spikes are virtually invisible from the ground, so they won’t ruin the decor of your building. We attach them to buildings using a premium epoxy that holds them in place permanently.

Heat Steamer Carpet

Heat Steamer

Our heat steamer process kills insects such as carpet beetles and bed bugs by exposing them to concentrated hot steam. We use this system on carpets, rugs, mattresses, and so on.

Evacuation of a treated area is not necessary and no chemicals are used. The results are instant.

It can also be used on surfaces in direct contact with food as it is completely non-toxic. In hotels and holiday apartments, the room can be let to guests immediately after we treat the room. There are no unpleasant odors or stains after treatment.

Steam cleaning is an especially effective method of eliminating bed bug infestations.

Our Bedbug Steamers have the important benefit of being entirely eco-friendly. The steamers use tap water, so no harsh chemicals are used, making this service safe around children and pets.

Heat steamer on a mattress
Heat steaming a mattress for bedbugs

Pigeon Netting

We offer bird netting as an alternative to pigeon spikes. These nets enclose the area that needs to be protected and deter birds from roosting. They are weather proof and can be installed inside and out. They are especially useful to protect solar panels, water tanks and satellite dishes, and can also be used to enclose an outdoor living space such as a balcony.

Cockroach glue trap

Roach Pheromone Traps

The Atom Roach Pheromone trap is designed with an irresistible scent that traps and kills cockroaches. These Pheromone traps are easy to assemble and can be safely left under a sink or in a corner even with pets and children in the house, as they’re completely non-toxic.




Rat cage

Live-Capture Traps

We stock several types of live-capture traps to safely remove animals from your property. We have plastic live capture traps for mice, small cages for cats, and larger cages for animals you want to relocate: such as feral cats.

Snap and Glue Traps

Snap Traps & Glue Traps

Our plastic rodent snap traps come in 2 sizes for mice and rats. Once baited with food, they will kill the rodent instantly by snapping down on its head.

Our rodent glue-book traps open up like a book and are coated with a powerful adhesive that will trap any rat or mouse that steps on it.

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