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Atom Exterminators is the biggest and most innovative pest control company in Cyprus. We also provide disinfection cleaning services against viruses and bacteria (MRSA, Salmonella, H1N1, Coronavirus (SARS), Coxsackie, Norovirus). It’s more important than ever to maintain a clean living and working space during the Covid-19 pandemic. You can visit our dedicated disinfection site here:

Our team always works to implement the latest advances in pest control to make life easier for our loyal customers. We provide pest control services all over Cyprus and sell both Rentokil and Atom products at our shops around the island.

Spraying for cockroaches
Spraying for cockroaches
Refilling Bait Stations with Rodenticide
Refilling Bait Stations with Rodenticide


Termite control underneath an infested house


The need for the prevention of rodents, insects and viruses has become a part of everyday Cypriot life. “The boys in blue”, as our technicians are called because of their blue uniforms, can be found all over Cyprus, everyday, using cutting edge technologies to ensure that your home and workplace remain pest-free. You won’t find a more professional and organised pest control firm. Your health and safety is our foremost concern.

Airplane Pest Control Cyprus
Ensuring an airplane remains pest-free

We offer pest control, disinfection, decontamination and other health & safety services all over Cyprus to food production industries, the hotel industry, restaurants, supermarkets, airlines, banks, municipalities, farming operations, developers and private residences.

We sell Rentokil, Atom and other branded products at our retail shops in several towns for customers who prefer to DIY.

Our technicians work on the front lines of the Corona virus pandemic every day.

Netting to protect water tanks and solar panels from birds

We take part in exhibitions and educational seminars that involve health & safety, pest control and anything concerning the implementation of ISO 45001:2018. All our employees are experienced in the proper virus disinfection protocols and disease-control safety innovations, which is invaluable in this era of coronavirus.

Our technical staff is trained by the training centre of the Royal Society for the promotion of Health, UK. We’re members of the Cyprus Pest Controllers Association (a member of CEPA) and the National Pest Management Association Inc. International.

Thermokil treatment in a cinema
Treating a theatre with the Thermokil® system

Why Our Customers Choose Atom Exterminators

Skilled Technicians You Can Trust

Know Your Home or Business is Safe


Our technicians are all licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture. We only use chemicals approved by the government. All our employees have clear criminal record certificates and health certificates. We are fully insured for public liability.


Our Original Electric Fly Traps


Designed by our experienced technicians and built in our factory in Cyprus, we sell a line of specially designed fly traps and accessories to professional clients all over the world. See our dedicated site for more information on our current models.

Cryonite Eco Friendly Extermination

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Go Green With Us


We offer several innovative pest control solutions that don’t use chemicals and so protect both the environment and your health. Our Cryonite® and Thermokil® services use cutting edge technology to end insect infestations including bedbugs, termites, mites and woodworm.

Atom pest control sales team

Unbeatable Customer Service

Our Staff Are Trained to Meet All Your  Pest Control Needs


We have the biggest staff of any pest control company in Cyprus, with offices and warehouses in Limassol, Larnaca, Pafos and Nicosia and expert crews working all over the island.

Our experienced technicians are available everyday all over Cyprus.

We exterminate mice, cockroaches, rats, termites, flies, ants, woodworm, moths, fleas, silverfish, wasps. We have experience with everything that presents a nuisance to people in Cyprus. We offer products to repel snakes and cats from your gardens and we install spikes and nets to prevent pigeons from roosting on buildings, water tanks and antennas. We’re the only company that has specialized crews for termite and woodworm control, using the latest technologies.

We serve hotels, restaurants, homes, bars, airports, airplanes, ships, cinemas, offices, theatres, buses, bakeries, municipalities, churches, monasteries and supermarkets.

No job is too big or too small for us at Atom Exterminators LTD.

Pest Control Cyprus Team



Atom Lemesos
Atom Exterminators Limassol


Call us now to have a healthier and safer work and home environment.

Atom Exterminators Larnaca


Fully Licensed & Insured For Your Peace of Mind

Atom operates based on the Health & Safety European Legislation no.89/391/EEC (Cyprus Legislation no.25(I)./2002) and the Food Safety regulation 852/2004 of the European Council. We abide by the Professional use of Biocides regulations of 2019 (no.145), we’re licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture and certified with the European Standard EN16636:2015 “Pest Management Services” issued by the European Standardization Committee. We’re also certified with ELOT EN ISO 45001:2018.

We are members of the Cyprus Pest Controllers Association (a member of CEPA) and the NPMA USA. Our General Manager Mr. Michael Socrates Michael (MRSH) has a diploma in Pest Control by the Royal Society of Health UK (to which he is also a member) and he is a registered professional at BASIS PROMPT UK. Two of our chief technicians have diplomas in Pest Control by the Royal Society for Public Health UK.

cryonite airplane

ATOM Paphos
Atom Exterminators All Over Cyprus

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