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Electric Fly Traps

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Pigeon Spike

Pigeon Spikes, Mesh & Nets

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Cage Traps

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Glue Boards

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UV Bulbs

Live Capture Trap

Live Capture Traps

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Electric Repellers

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Wasp Traps

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Snap Traps

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Ant Bait Stations

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Glue Bait Stations

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Cockroach Pheromone Traps

Electric Fly Traps & Accessories

ATOMLiGHT brand fly traps and other brands

Packs of glue boards available in 20+ different sizes.

UV bulbs available for 8+ different fly trap models.


Rentokil Products

Imported from the UK

Mouse & Rat Odor Sachets

Rat Cage Traps

Mouse Live Capture Traps

Electric Rat & Mouse Repeller

Wasp Traps

Slug & Snail Traps

Electric Cat Repeller

Snap Traps.



Our Own Imports

We import a wide range of products every month

Rat bait stations, mouse bait stations, cockroach traps.

Humane animal trap cages for relocation of strays, pigeon spikes, pigeon nets and much more.


DIY Pest Control

Available In Our Shops

We sell many of the products we use professionally for DIY use.

Ant bait stations & ant gel, insecticides, roach gel, rodent glue books, flea & tick powder, etc.


Pest control products

AtomLiGHT Fly Traps