We present the new, chemical-free method of pest control, Cryonite. Crynonite turns CO2 into a unique dry ice that is completely safe to use in any situation.

Cryonite kills insects by freezing. The freezing process is extremely fast and reaches a very low temperature. The speed is essential for effectiveness.

The cooling medium is completely dry. It consists of carbon dioxide snow (“dry ice”), which the Cryonite unit sprays from the specially designed and patented nozzle.

Through an optimal combination of snow particle size and speed, the cooling is swift enough to make sure that bugs, including eggs and larvae, will not survive.

The Cryonite snow penetrates well into deep cracks and crevices, complicated machines, and reaches up pipes.

Cryonite being sprayed in a factory


Cryonite Being Sprayed in a Kitchen


Evacuation of a treated area is not necessary.

In food industry pest control can be carried out despite production going on at adjacent production lines. It can also be used on surfaces in direct contact with food as it’s entirely non-toxic. It’s especially useful around electric conduits and wiring as it’s not liquid-based.

Using Cryonite in homes enables tenants to return immediately after treatment. In hotels the room can be let immediately afterwards.

Cryonite is the pest control tool of the future. As regulations exclude chemical after chemical, we use non-chemical methods like Cryonite more and more.

Cryonite being sprayed in a house


We offer Cryonite all over Cyprus