Rat Bait Station

  • A rodenticide block is inserted on a rod inside
  • Locks safely with a key to avoid tampering
  • Available in various shapes and sizes

Safety First

Rodenticide bait stations are designed to keep the poison away from non-target species

  1. Rats and mice enter the bait station and eat a piece of the rodenticide block
  2. They will then leave the area and die within hours
  3. In order to avoid an immunity build up in the rodents, we regularly rotate the type of rodenticide chemical we use
  4. A new rodenticide block is added into the bait station by our technicians on every visit
  5. We only use these bait stations outdoors
  6. They can be installed on the perimeter of buildings, in gardens, on farms, in barns and sheds
  7. Also available in a tube-shaped version that can be installed inside pipes and drains